Handmade Cork Bag Collection

Handmade Cork Bag Collection

Handmade Cork Bag Collection from Nautigirl252Jewelry Cork Co.™ is a collaborative collection of beautiful handmade sustainable cork wallets and bags. These bags are handmade in Portugal by the same company where I receive my beautiful cork fabrics and cords. These bags are handmade in small batches giving each one uniqueness. Once I receive the wallets and bags, I add some of my own handmade embellishments and touches. Every bag is a one of a kind and unique collaboration. If you have any questions or would like to chat about a customized cork purse, please contact me at Nautigirl252Jewelry@yahoo.com to find out how!


Anything LEATHER can do CORK can do BETTER!!!!! 

Portuguese Cork is soft, lightweight, water resistant, stain resistant and absolutely gorgeous.

•Durable and soft as leather
•Silky-soft to the touch
•Easy to clean
•Stain and scratch resistant
•Water resistant
•Resistant to fading
•Tolerant of extreme heat
•Unique due to the nature of cork
•Environmentally friendly

All of my Portuguese Cork jewelry is handmade without harming the cork trees, animals or the environment in any way.

PLEASE message me with any questions and I'll be glad to help in any way :)